Collisions is an independent and remote summer workshop hosted by studio basic.
The workshop invites future thinkers to come together and explore the digital landscape, merging the disciplines of type design, variable type design, 3D sculpting, 3D landscape design, and digital fashion. 


Oluwatomilola Adefioye is a London based graphic designer. She is a recent graduate from the MA Graphic Communication Design course at Central Saint Martins, UAL where she currently works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Tomi's practice is centred around education, participation and community engagement. Through her work on Black hair in labour of love: and beyond, Tomi believes in the importance of facilitating and archiving discussions. She strives to create safe spaces for these discussions to take place and be disseminated in all its facets, ranging from the practical to the political.

@ olusomething


Through a series of prompts we will explore the value of situated knowledge individually and collectively. How and what can we contribute to wider discourse(s) and the discipline of graphic communication design by using our situated knowledge as a vehicle?


Nadine Wetzel is a graphic designer interested in questioning and exploring collaborative processes that shape culture and take part in a cross-disciplinary conversation. Wired Serif explores the relationships between letters, to create a play of tension and connection. It is part of the new issue of New Aesthetic 2 — A Collection of Independent Type Design and now available on in the new WEAVE COLLECTION. Nadine is currently in Lisbon, Portugal.

@ nadine_wtzl


Redefining, blurring, connecting and creating a space with a collaborative essence, dissolving systems that allow us to explore a play of intuition.


Emi Takahashi is a graphic and type designer based in Toronto. She received her education at OCAD University and at The Royal Danish Academy. Emi is interested in history, languages, and symbols. Her current design practice includes variable fonts and publishing and often explores themes that are grounded in culture, art, and collaboration. Her bachelor project completed in 2020, “Kachi-Buwa”, is a Katakana variable typeface that is designed to display and perform Japanese onomatopoeic expressions.

@ emi.taka.hashi

How many layers of meaning can we embed into a variable glyph? In this workshop, we will explore the conceptual and poetic potential of variable font axes. Taking a personal object as a starting point, participants will design a Superglyph which translates its formal, textural, emotional, and/or symbolic qualities into one or several conceptual variable axes.


Johanna Hammer is a graphic designer and researcher from Vienna, who examines and questions norms, tools, as well as channels used for communication today. After graduating from The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2018, she was involved in the film production Inland (Best Austrian Documentary Film 2020). In 2020, she graduated from Central Saint Martins with Schemata — a variable display typeface that stands in direct dialogue with the reader using a facial recognition device. She is co-founder of London-based Studio Basic.

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Subverting the relationship between type designer and reader through the lens of variable type. This workshop will introduce the tool of variable type design and examine letterforms and shapes in motion.