Kristýna Sidlárová (she/her) aka sida100 is a Czech-based multidisciplinary designer and visual artist with a focus on 3D and CGI. Although Kristýna specializes in digital art - for example creation of 3D objects, immersive environments, moving image, and filters in augmented reality -  her practice is fueled by the traditional analog processes, such as sketching and clay sculpting. A typical feature of her practice is the conflict of material and virtual worlds, which is a vital part of her ongoing long-term project called Digital Climate.

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Exploring the endless possibilities in the microcosm of 3D software, creating your own climate within it, setting rules, creating relationships and stories. This workshop aims to help you to execute your vision within a digital 3D space. We will immerse ourselves in 3D sculpting via Zbrush and create a final shiny composition in Cinema 4D.