Anna Liedtke aka Aschno is a "digital-only" fashion designer born in Germany. She started her career as a conventional dressmaker, where she deepened her knowledge of pattern making and handcrafting techniques. Later, she worked as a fashion designer for Hugo Boss, where she began to use 3D software to replace the conventional process of designing and developing a collection. As a project manager, she influenced and trained the design teams in digital creation processes. Now leaving the physical world of fashion, she continues to work for an Amsterdam-based digital fashion house while freelancing her private work.

In her design practice, she combines her physical knowledge with digital creation. It is important for her to observe the physical world and transfer it into a digital space. "I like the advantage of creating new materials that would never exist in our world, but still giving the feeling of being familiar."

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This workshop should allow exploration and creativity without the limitations of time and budget. In the workshop, I want to show the perspectives of digital fashion and take the first steps. Instead of a basic training in garment 3D software, we will work on a template to which we will make some simple modifications to visualize your ideas and create impactful content.