Emi Takahashi is a graphic and type designer based in Toronto. She received her education at OCAD University and at The Royal Danish Academy. Emi is interested in history, languages, and symbols. Her current design practice includes variable fonts and publishing and often explores themes that are grounded in culture, art, and collaboration. Her bachelor project completed in 2020, “Kachi-Buwa”, is a Katakana variable typeface that is designed to display and perform Japanese onomatopoeic expressions.

@ emi.taka.hashi
︎ emitakahashi.ca

How many layers of meaning can we embed into a variable glyph? In this workshop, we will explore the conceptual and poetic potential of variable font axes. Taking a personal object as a starting point, participants will design a Superglyph which translates its formal, textural, emotional, and/or symbolic qualities into one or several conceptual variable axes.